Nazareth Restaurant & Catering   5239 N Hamilton Rd  Columbus,OH43230   (614) 899-1177
Nazareth Restaurant & Catering
5239 N Hamilton Rd
ColumbusOH 43230
 (614) 899-1177

Reviews Of Nazareth Restaurant & Catering

4.77 741 Reviews
Michael Wilson
Sep 17, 2018

Shamsud-Din Shaheed
Sep 16, 2018

Great food

Kevin Pikovnik
Sep 16, 2018

Overall really tasty! I like my falafel a little more most and fall apart-y, but super delicious.

Jason Thomas
Sep 15, 2018

I love their food and so does my daughter. We are lifers.

Deb Wentz
Sep 13, 2018

good food, everyone liked what they got. thanks for letting me know what is gluten free!

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